Financieel Paspoort Foundation is a civil non-profit initiative, founded to provide the individual an overview of personal financial data from government, insurance companies, banks and pension funds. You are expected to be financially self-reliant in budget management, tax returns, social insurance, pensions, etc., but you haven’t received the necessary support or tools for this.

The FP-app is provided by the Financieel Paspoort Foundation and helps you collect personal financial data and provides a financial overview. The FP-app enables you to share data with selected parties. Your personal data is stored securely on your own mobile phone. You can decide who to share your data with.

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European privacy legislation (General Data Protection Conditions or GDPR) also applies to the FP app. The collection and storage of data is done in the app and by the user himself. This is allowed and as it should be. Where personal data is processed by organizations, this is done on the basis of the GDPR. The Financial Passport Foundation ensures that personal data is not stored anywhere other than on the user’s own telephone.