This screen is displayed when the app is started. 

You can set the language on this screen. We currently offer the Dutch and English language. The English version may not be complete yet, in which case the Dutch help text will be displayed.

This screen shows 3 possible choices:

  1. If you want to create a passport independently or if you have already created one before, choose ‘Open a Financial Passport’.
  2. If you are in contact with a care provider or advisor who has sent you a QR code, choose ‘I have received a QR code’.
  3. If you first want to know who or what Financial Passport is, choose ‘About Financial Passport’. Here we explain who the Financial Passport Foundation is, why we do this and that we do not have access to your data at any time. We offer the FP app so that you can collect your data yourself and they do not come to us.