By choosing ‘Add’ (bottom middle) you will arrive at this page. Here are possible applications for collecting data in the form of a card. Depending on the purpose of the application, data sources are visited where the necessary data can be retrieved.

You can log in to each data source as you normally do with that data source. For the government, this will usually be with your DigiD. In some cases there is a two-step authentication and you will receive an SMS text code. Have pen and paper ready to write this down and use it directly.

For retrieving data from the banks, the app uses the banking standard based on European legislation. Here you log in to your bank in the manner prescribed by your bank. For banks it is necessary that you use the app that your bank offers. That app must be on the same phone on which you installed the FP app.

Some data collection applications are freely available. Other applications use services that cost money. For this it is necessary that you have a QR code. This is a kind of voucher and can be made available by your care provider. Whether a QR code is necessary for an application is indicated by a QR symbol in the map of the application. If there is no QR symbol, the application is freely available.

If you’ve successfully completed an application before, the application box will say ‘Added’ with the date.