Collecting data consists of a number of steps. How many and which data sources are visited depends on the application. The sources are visited per application and all retrieved data is stored in the passport.

At the start of each application, the data sources to be visited are listed one below the other. Once a data source has been successfully visited and the data retrieved there, the app will return to this screen. A visited data source is then green, sources not yet visited are orange.

If there was no access to this data source, the icon is red and the data source can be revisited or skipped.

If a data source has been visited before and the data is still current, this source will be skipped. It is possible that if you have recently retrieved a ‘Financial Insight’, subsequent collection applications need to retrieve little or no additional data.

At the end of the entire collection application, there is a “Check data” step. This shows the data that can be shared with a care provider or advisor. The data that can be shared is usually only part of what you have been able to collect.

By only sharing part of the data, the app ensures that only the necessary data is made available. The recipient only receives the data that is necessary for the further process. No more and no less. This is also an advantage for the recipient, because privacy legislation prohibits the recipient from receiving and storing data for which there is no reason (processing agreement).