When you choose ‘More’ you will arrive at this page.

By clicking on ‘See who you’ve shared your data with’ you can see with whom you have already shared your data.

‘About Financial Passport’ leads you to our homepage where the app offers up-to-date information about us and our projects.

“Terms and Conditions” show the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the FP app. Please read these carefully so that you know the terms and conditions of the app.

‘Delete Passport’ will delete all collected data, including all data about when you went through which applications and with whom you shared your data. It is possible to create a new passport later and to collect data in it. Information about your previous use of the app is no longer available.

‘Close passport’ closes the passport. The data remains encrypted on your phone. With ‘Open Passport’ on the home screen, you will be asked for the PIN code and you will regain access to your data in the passport. With this the app protects the contents of your passport for people who do not know your PIN code. Also, for your information, your passport will be closed automatically if you don’t use the app for a certain time or switch to another app. When you return, you will be asked for your PIN code again.