Pension Insight Plus

Pension Insight Plus gives an idea of your future pension.

It uses information from MijnOverheid, MijnBelastingDienst, MijnToeslagen, MijnUWV, MijnDUO and MijnPensioenOverzicht.

The app also retrieves information from your bank transactions via Invers B.V.

Your personal data does not remain with Invers B.V.


You need DigiD and a MijnOverheid account to log in.

You may need to log in again for each data source.


If the data is current, the app will skip the source.

The insight may be inaccurate because not all data can be collected digitally.

If in doubt, ask your employer or seek professional advice.

You need a QR code or coupon for this overview.

Ask your care provider or advisor for a QR code.

Your care provider or advisor must first make an appointment with us in order to give you a QR code. 

The Financial Passport Foundation can be reached at