Individual Income Support

Applying for Individual Income Support from your municipality. 

Before applying for an Individual Income Allowance, you will have to answer a few questions. You will collect answers to these questions in the next step.

For this request, the app collects data from MijnOverheid, MijnBelastingdienst, MijnToeslagen, MijnUWV and MijnDUO (study debts). Collected data only ends up with you on your phone.

When visiting the data sources mentioned, you must be able to log in with your DigiD. If you don’t have one yet, the app will help you request it. You also need an account with MijnOverheid with which you can perform the two-step authentication. Unfortunately, it is necessary to log in again at each data source. We expect to simplify this in the future. If you have previously retrieved data from a data source and this data is still current, the app will skip this source when collecting. The last step is to check whether you are eligible for an income allowance. For this, your data will be shared once with your municipality. If you are eligible for an income allowance, you can choose to make your details available to the municipality for an application. Only then will the municipality have access to your data.

This overview requires a QR code, or coupon. Ask your care provider or advisor for a QR code. In order to be able to give you a QR code, your care provider or advisor must make an appointment with us in advance. The Financial Passport Foundation can be reached for this at