In order to be able to visit some sources, it is necessary to have a number of things available..

For example, a DigiD code is required to visit data sources at the government. If you don’t yet have a DigiD code, you need to request one. By choosing ‘No’, the option to request a DigiD code will appear. The DigiD code comes by post and that takes a few days. So you need to request this on time.

Currently it is not possible to use the DigiD app. You can only log in with your DigiD username and password.

For it is necessary to have an activated account. You can request this by choosing ‘No’.

Some data sources also require two-factor authentication. This means that in order to log in, a DigiD and password are required, as well as an SMS code sent by telephone. This SMS code is the second step and for this to be set up, your mobile phone number must be known to MijnDigiD. You can request this by choosing ‘No’.